Career trends for MA in TESOL graduates

Job Trends For Masters In TESOL Graduates

Like many sectors, the TESOL jobs market changes with socio-economic trends – and the result are changing trends in the popularity of different jobs and the importance of different qualifications to TESOL careers.

Some good news: the current inventory of new jobs for Masters graduates in TESOL is estimated to be increasing at a rate of 20,000+ monthly.

However, many of the traditional powerhouse countries are suffering the impact of the current triple-dip recession so a career in TESOL attractive for US graduates traveling is fueling the rising demand for English language teachers the world over.

One of the most useful skills to have for anyone to have is to be multilingual, with English at the top of the language skills a prospective employer looks for. This being the case, the demand for English classes offered by schools and universities, as well for profit TESOL facilities abroad, is pushing up the demand for English language teachers everywhere the world.

Rather than staying in class to add degrees to a resume that may not find an audience for some time to come, add foreign work experience while earning a living, rather than paying tuition.

International companies are always seeking native English speakers with a degree which is a great prompt to take an online MA in TESOL course, graduate, and teach English abroad. By doing so you’ll be part of the global work force, and be able to include unique work experience to your resume that will be far more impressive than anything those who chose to stay at home and continue their education will have.

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