Ten specialist subjects to study within a Masters in TESOL

Graduates from a Master of TESOL program are well-equipped for a variety of rewarding careers related to English as a Second Language. Employers are further drawn to candidates that set themselves apart by indicating certain specializations. The following ten specializations are most often needed in ESL classrooms.

1. Business English

A Business English specialization gives TESOL students the basic business-related language skills that are needed to teach international business students. A large percentage of the students in adult-level ESL classrooms are actually international businessmen and women. English is still considered the global business language.

2. Tourism English

A specialization in Tourism English will give TESOL students the tools to teach international tourism students. Americans and other English-speakers are the most common tourists worldwide. Those working in the tourism industry must learn how to communicate with their top customers.

3. Medical English

Courses related to Medical English give TESOL candidates the certification to properly teach medical students. The medical industry is another field that has a high, international demand for English speakers. Foreign doctors and nurses must be able to translate the most common concepts and procedures.

4. Computer Technology

Through computer technology courses, MA-TESOL students can learn how to utilize a wide range of multimedia resources that motivate student interest. For some teachers, computers are a helpful addition to a lecture-based classroom. For others, the computers are the classroom because online ESL courses rapidly increasing in popularity.

5. TOEFL Preparation

This specialization enables instructors to prepare their students for the TOEFL exam, which is essential. Passing the TOEFL exam may be mandatory for admission to certain universities, or it may be a requirement for job advancement.

6. Teaching English to Adults

TESOL students with this specialization will understand the basic constructs of adult education and how to effectively teach them. Adults have learning needs and goals that are unique because they tend to be voluntary learners with specific career ambitions.

7. Teaching English to Children

Children also have unique learning needs. There’s a huge demand for teachers who have an MA in early education or young learners. Generally, they are more energetic with shorter attention spans, thus motivation becomes an issue. Teachers must understand how to pique their interest through learning games, songs, and other entertaining modes.

8. Tutoring English

A specialty in tutoring gives the MA-TESOL graduate knowledge of how to assess individual students to address weaknesses. Tutoring requires more fine-tuning due to the individual attention given to one or a few students. Teachers often tutor for a supplemental income in addition to regular teaching.

9. Administration and/or Management

MA-TESOL graduates who want to step away from teaching can choose to be administrators of an ESL program. This specialty gives them the tools needed to coordinate and execute all the administrative and managerial duties necessary for a successful ESL program.

10. Technical Writing

A technical writing specialty is mainly for TESOL students who wish to write and design ESL course materials, such as text books. TESOL students learn how to design text books and effectively communicate information. A career in technical writing is highly competitive. A master’s degree in TESOL with an emphasis in technical writing will set the job candidate apart from the rest.

The above specializations will add layers to your qualification, but it’s worth asking accredited colleges for a full prospectus to give you a complete picture of what’s on offer if you pursue a particular niche specialist subject. Look at accredited colleges such as Walden University or the colleges we list that accept students to their online MA programs without a GRE.

Lastly, the following websites are helpful when choosing a specialty within a Master of TESOL program: http://www.globaltesol.com/package/specializations

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