Top 10 TESOL Career Paths

So you’ve finished your degree program – phew! But now, what sort of career can you consider with your new qualification? Teaching is an obvious career path for anyone with a graduate degree (such as an MA in TESOL or MEd), but there are plenty of other interesting jobs that you might not have considered.

Here’s our list of the top 10 career choices for a job following your Masters in TESOL degree.

  1. English Language Instructor for Adults – there’s huge demand for teachers providing tuition to business executives who need to learn business English, but also for adults relocating to a new country.
  2. English Language Instructor for Children – this is a growing niche for teachers with a Masters in TESOL degree – if you love an active classroom and the challenge of teaching kids, find out more!
  3. Business English Instructor – With a similar audience to teachers of Adult English, there’s a global demand for ESL teachers providing services to business people and corporations relocating executives.
  4. ESL Textbook Author – If you studied a specialist area of English language teaching for your Masters degree, you might find a niche for a new book you could author. Or if you want to flex your writing skills along with your new degree, there’s demand from specialist publishers, blog sites and online career sites that would welcome you request.
  5. Translator – If you have specialist knowledge of teaching English as well as a second language, you could consider the opportunities working as a translator.

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