What is the typical cost of a Masters in TESOL or ESL program?

Starting a Master’s degree is a considerable commitment both in terms of time but also financially. Yes, there are plenty of grants, scholarships and loans (from the Government, the universities themselves and other charitable institutions) but few of us can afford to commit to this sort of expense without careful planning. So, what are the typical costs?

The cost per year varies a lot between online and campus based teaching. Online courses are at lease half those of a campus based program – and have the benefit of offering a more flexible access to the material (for example, if you need to continue working in your current job). Typically, as an online student, you would visit the college just once or twice per year.

Typical costs of online and campus based TESOL master’s programs are:


  • Walden University: $500-$525 per semester credit hour, with 30-36 credit hours required to complete. Annual cost = $15,000-$19,000

Campus based

  • New York University: $1300 per semester credit hour, with 32 credit hours required to complete. Annual cost = $42,048

Before you move off, convinced that you can’t afford this – take a look at our page on financial aid, scholarships and government loans – colleges and universities will work hard to help you get all the aid available and give you a chance to apply.

Lastly, and importantly, all of the colleges and universities we feature on this site will send you a comprehensive prospectus and information pack that includes full details of the costs and financial aid available from this college. Find an MA or MEd program that interests you and request a free pack to help your research.